Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ribs & Burgers

Im a sceptic when someone says to me "I know of a really good place to eat" because I've been burnt by so many of my friends before.

So when a cousin of mine said the same thing and really recommended that we visit Ribs & Burgers-Shop 94-96, 3 Seperation Street, Northcote, because they apparently had some of the yummiest ribs going around- did you think I really believed her? Of course not.

Turns out- my cousin is one of the few people I know I can trust when it comes to recommending awesome places to eat because Ribs & Burgers is extremely good- hands down.
I've had the pork ribs (pictured above) heaps of times, and each time (let's just say I've been there a few too many times) it's been consistently fantastic.

The lamb ribs have been a hit and miss. I've had them now 3 times, twice they were good and another time they came out pretty burnt and the waiter tried to justify to me that this was how it always was, yet the next time we ordered it, it came out like the first time (not as burnt). So I dont know what's going on there. It's not to say that it's not succulent or juicy- FAR from it!!!

I also like the beef ribs but personally feel that the I don't get bang for my buck on that dish because for some reason the beef ribs don't look as a large serving as the pork/lamb.

In saying that- the servings are decent size. They're not small, thats for sure and one person (such as myself) would be satisfied with the ribs, however if you're a big eater, you might want to order more.

I would highly recommend to get the chips with the ribs (you've got the choice of the cabbage salad) as the sauces from the ribs just make the chips just THAT much tastier.
Seriously, the ribs are that good where you'll find yourself licking off the sauce off your fingers (I know so classy) because without a doubt- that's what I've done each and every visit.

They USED to make an extremely awesome greek salad but for whatever reason they've taken it off their menu (I would like it back, please) and seriously I'm not a salad fan but I could eat that stuff by the bucket load.

It also has to be noted that there's no table service as such other than when they bring out your plate of delicious food to you. I also don't recommend visiting on weekends and especially Friday nights. We made the mistake once and frankly it was a 20minute wait lining up for them to take your order at their registers. You also need to be strategic where you'll need a person lining up to place orders and someone else to get a table (the table took 15minutes).
If you both stand and order whilst no one's hunting down a table- then good luck with that...

Even though Ribs & Burgers is in a really strange location,one would have thought that they would have been better on the main road- High street. Instead of being located underneath an apartment building that happened to be located sort of behind the Northcote shopping plaza (or whatever it was)...
This place is also proof that even if you're in a weird- sort of out of place location- if what you're offering is fantastic then the people will come.

I have seen this place when it was newly opened (at a time where they were still struggling to get their liquor licensing) and until what it is currently now. I have seen it slowly flourish and get better each time.

It's a place I'd definitely be going back- because I love ribs, I love consistency and I love good food.

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  1. I need to go here ASAP!

    I don't know if I like the sound of the cabbage salad but ribs and chips... yarmsssss.